Bait2Go can hold various forms of bait, including minnows, leeches, night crawlers, wax worms, crayfish, shrimp, squid chunks, maggots, crickets etc. Its patented design enables you to use it practically anywhere!
With Bait2Go, you can bait your hook in less time than with any other bait holder available.  You can even take the bottom cap off and leave it in your livewell!

  • worms


  • Leeches

  • maggots


  • Bait2Go with Minnows



  • Shrimps


  • Crayfish



    Remove the top cap and with a simple lift and twist motion of the side bar, your scoop is accessible for fast and easy bait retrieval. Once you’ve baited your hook, simply re-twist the side bar and the scoop will return to its position inside Bait2Go.

    To refresh the water, remove the bottom cap and let the water drain.  Then submerse Bait2Go for a few seconds to let it fill again. It’s that simple! (You may also refill it from the top)

    To deliver oxygen to the bait, drop an “oxygen puck” below the scoop and this will provide oxygen to your bait for hours.

    To extend the freshness of your bait, place some ice below or in the scoop.  The inside of Bait2Go will remain fresh and cool for longer.  As the ice melts, this will also provide oxygen to the bait.

    When it’s time for a shore break, thread a string through one of the side holes of Bait2Go, remove the bottom cap, place it in the water  (using the string to secure it to the dock or somewhere within reach), and let it sit in there until you are ready to head out again.

    For shoreline or river fishing, you can simply thread your belt through the belt slit on Bait2Go. This enables you to be hands free while carrying your bait.  When you arrive at your favorite spot, refresh the water and start fishing!

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